October 2014

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The question is "What will interest rates do since the Fed is not purchasing bonds any longer?" At this point they have signaled that they are going to not raise the interest rates they charge to banks which means that rates will still remain very favorable for at least a short amount of time or longer. The big issues that are still hanging over our heads is in the European markets moving toward recession, China's growth slowing, and the conflicts that we are embroiled in. All of these things can have and will have an impact on our economy at some point if they continue to worsen. Our own state of affairs is also a concern because even though we are told our economy is getting better it has not bounced back as it has in the past for numerous reasons. So…
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As a realtor I have participated in thousands of home inspections. Each one of them are different since every home has different issues and many are very similar. An inspector will point out things that need attention. The buyer will want to have the seller fix any major issues. One of the things we see over and over again is broken seals on window. Most buyers will want them fixed. Things like AC units can be of concern or possibly grading around the home. The inspector will do a thorough job of looking the home over. Your realtor and you will sit down and go over the inspection report and give any advice on what should or should not be taken care of. The goal is to get anything repaired that could end up being a major expense or a safety hazard. Don't…
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Normally when a realtor and a potential client get together they are both trying to figure out something. The realtor, of course, wants to know if the person they are speaking to is really motivated to purchase or sell a home. The potential buyer or seller may want to know what the experience is of the realtor and what they are going to charge them for their service. Realtors are going to want to know if the person has been pre-approved since they want to make sure that they know they can afford the homes that they are showing them and of course so they can move quickly on submitting an offer. The potential client will want to know what the RealtorĀ  does to get homes sold or if they are purchasing a home if the realtor knows the area and can demonstrate…
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Most people think they know a lot about credit scores. It is a little more complex than people actually know. People believe there are 3 credit bureaus and people recognize the term "FICO" score. FICO stands for Fair Isaac Corporation and what you didn't know is that they have is 55 different scoring models and FICO is not the only company out there that creates scoring models. The mortgage industry is using Beacon 5.0, Fair Isaac Version II, and Classic 04. The Internet Credit Bureaus with all their marketing and selling are not using any of these 3. So to get your accurate credit score to obtain a mortgage go to your mortgage professional.
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  1. How many years have you been in the business?
  2. How many homes have you sold?
  3. How many homes have you sold in my area?
  4. What do you do everyday to try to get my home sold?
  5. What is the average price range of the homes you have sold?
  6. What is your average days on market?
  7. How accurate are you in pricing homes?
  8. What marketing do you do to attract buyers?
  9. How available to buyers are you everyday?
  10. How available will you be to me if I need to talk with you?

These 10 questions might help in determining who you would like to represent you in selling your home. I have also added a link to another 12 Questions that might overlap some of what I have already put together above. I hope this helps for those looking to sell their homes. If

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When making a decision to sell a home you usually want to look at what is going on in the market. Are homes selling for higher prices as in a "Sellers Market" or are homes selling at competitive prices as in a "Buyers Market". My advice here is that no matter what the market if you are planning on selling and then buying another home the market really isn't the major decision. The reason I say this is because if you sell when the market is considered a "Buyers Market" you may sell for less but when you also go to purchase prices will be competitive as well. If it is a "Sellers Market" then you may sell for more but you will also have to expect to pay more for the next home. They key is to understand that usually in a "Sellers Market" inventory that you…
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